Alternative Treatments to ADHD

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is a common diagnosis in many children, and lately it has also been being noticed in adults as well. There are a host of different prescription medications that are used to treat this disorder, but all of them have less than desirable side effects. As more research is done, the drugs used are slowly getting better, but people are also working on finding alternative methods to treated ADHD. These methods can be used by themselves, or in conjunction with mediation, to help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, is training for your brain. You work through exercises, role playing, and other therapy strategies to form healthy thought patterns related to your ADHD. These are common thought patterns that help you recognize if you have gone off what you should be focusing on, and methods to bring your mind back on track. This is generally done in the environment of a therapist’s office and can be quite cold and institutionalized. You may have success, if you are generally receptive to therapy.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The goal with ADHD treatment is to calm your mind down because this disorder can cause your mind to race. You might find all the things you need to think about popping up right this minute. Mindfulness helps you find now, and that brings focus to a single activity or thought. Achieving a more mindful existence takes a lot of work and does not happen overnight. People who suffer with ADHD are also going to find things like meditation very difficult. Due to this inherent difficulty, yoga is generally recommended to assist in meditation for ADHD sufferers. The physical use of the body can give the ADHD mind something other than thoughts to concentrate on, which allows the mind to explore a more relaxed state.

In both yoga and stationary meditation, it is important that you focus on your breath. This is going to be a grounding activity that you can use no matter where you are. Grounding is involved in meditation, yoga, and in typical CBT exercises. It can help you recover when your mind is overwhelmed. As ADHD often comes attached with some sensory issues, being able to find your breath can bring you into yourself, allowing the overwhelming noise, lights, or internal thoughts to be set aside.

Similar to CBT, mindfulness and meditation can help you stay focused, and identify times when you are not in the right mindset. The major difference is that meditation and mindfulness are a more constant state of existence, whereas CBT tends to be more reactionary. Mindfulness, achieved through meditation and yoga, is also going to be much more natural to you than CBT in a therapist’s office. There is a lot more options on how to find your own personal mindfulness, and it is not just a step by step procedure that CBT uses. You can see positive results from both, and it is really up to you to discover what works best for you.


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